Time of The End Video Sermon - Kenneth Cox

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The book of Revelation in chapter 10 we see an angel with a raised hand shouting out that there shall be time no longer. In other words the angel is saying that time has run out. I believe that we are definitely living during the time specified by this angel-the time of the end as the book of Daniel calls it.  

How we react to this message can mean the difference between heaven and hell. God has taken the trouble to warn us because He doesn't want anyone to be lost but that all should be saved. 

In the video below veteran evangelist Kenneth Cox goes deeper into the word of God to shed more light about the time of the end. It is a sermon you cannot afford not to watch. It will definitely wake you up if you are sleeping and lead you to the foot of the cross. Kenneth Cox is one of the few pastors who have studied extensively the prophecies of Revelation and you can tell from his presentation.

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