Dwight Nelson Sermons : The Truth About Hell: Is Hell Everlasting?

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Dr Dwight Nelson of Pioneer Memorial SDA Church at Andrews University preaching on the title, "The Truth About Hell: Is Hell everlasting?

The general view of most Christians is that hell is a place where sinners are punished in everlasting hell fire that is hell-eternal torment. As wikipedia says for most religious traditions hell is a place of torment and punishment in an afterlife. These traditions locate hell in another dimensions or under the earth's surface.

What really is the truth of hell? How can a loving God burn people in eternal fire?

Anyone with a knowledge of biblical languages knows that the word translated hell is Sheol in Hebrew and hades in Greek. Both of these words refer to the place of the dead and do not refer to an eternal burning place where the wicked burn forever after death.

No wonder most recent bible translations tend to use the Hebrew word sheol in many verses in which is is is used in the Old Testament. This is because there is no exact English equivalent for Sheol or hades.

Some new Bible versions translate these two words as "grave". For instance the New Century Version translates Isaiah 14:15 as "brought down to the grave" whereas KJV translates it as "hell" and NKJV does not translate but leaves it as "Sheol"

The bible points out that Jesus hold the key to sheol and has opened sheol to all who find refuge in Him (Rev 1:18). He was in sheol, but He was not left to decay (Ps16:10)

The sermon below will provide more details about this topic of hell.

Pastor Dr Dwight Nelson

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