How To Get Your Prayers Answered - Pastor Randy Skeete

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In the video below Pastor Randy Skeete preaching on how to get your prayers answered

There are certain conditions upon which we may expect that God will hear and answer our prayers. One of the first of these is that we feel our need of help from Him. He has promised, "I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground." Isaiah 44:3. Those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, who long after God, may be sure that they will be filled. The heart must be open to the Spirit's influence, or God's blessing cannot be received.

Our great need is itself an argument and pleads most eloquently in our behalf. But the Lord is to be sought unto to do these things for us. He says, "Ask, and it shall be given you." And "He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?" Matthew 7:7; Romans 8:32.

Pastor Randy Skeete says God has always presented a certain way of doing things in the bible. There is a certain way to receive salvation and there is also a way to pray. We cannot choose our own way of doing things when the Bible clearly presents a way to do them.
Randy Skeete

In the same way we need to pray in the way God wants us to. If we follow God's way of praying we will get amazing results.

Pastor Randy Skeete presents some steps that we need to take to have our prayers answered. These steps are fully explained in the video below. The steps are as follows.

  1. Pray to the Father.
  2. Pray in the name of Jesus.
  3. Pray through the Spirit Romans 8:28
  4. Pray according to the will of God. 1 John 5:14
  5. Pray in faith. Mark 11:24
  6. Pray without ceasing.
  7. If I regard iniquity in my heart the Lord will not hear me Psalm 66:18
  8. Obey God's law. "He who turns away his ear from listening to the law, Even his prayer is an abomination". Proverbs 28:9

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