Pastor John Nixon Snr - Marriage: How To Be In Love For The Rest of Your Life

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Today we want to learn some tips for preserving our marriages. This seminar was led by Pastor John Nixon Snr, a very experienced marriage counselor.

Marriage is one of the most sacred and important institutions in any society. God designed it to be as blessing to mankind. The success or failure of any society is dependent to a large extent on the strengths and weaknesses of families.

Strong families make strong nations and weak families make weak nations. It is therefore important for all of us to work towards building strong and happy families.

There are a few tips that Pastor John usually shares for the success of Christian marriages.

  1. Speak Well of Your Spouse in Public. Sharing your partners faults in public is one of the most hurtful things that can lead to all sorts of problems for married couples. Avoid at all costs sharing your marital problems with members of the opposite sex especially unless you are seeking help from that person as a professional marriage counselor. Satan takes advantage of our sharing our marital problems with office workers etc to lead us astray.
  2. Monitor your personal spiritual life. Never ever neglect bible study, prayer and meditation. Do these things daily if possible not as a routine but with all the seriousness they deserve and you will avoid many of the pitfalls that many married people have fallen into.
  3. Make yourself accountable to someone. Many people have avoided falling into adultery through having friends that they don't want to disappoint. Making yourself accountable to someone can work wonders in almost all spheres of life. No man is an island and having someone who can point out certain dangers in our lives can help.
  4. On a regular basis evaluate your marriage. Taking an inventory of the status of your marriage is very important as corrective measures can be taken before things get worse. Watch out for signs of dimming lights of love such as boredom, lack of affection and poor sex life.
  5. Guard the avenues of the soul. Never permit yourself to indulge in all the adult stuff on the internet or some movies that promote all sorts of things that are against the word of God. Focus your mind on pure things and your life will be pure.
  6. Back off early. If you sense danger back off  immediately. Never trust your strengths.

John Nixon

Please find below Dr John Nixon's marriage seminar  titled, "How To Be in Love For The Rest of Your Life".

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