3ABN Christian Music Video : "No Need To Fear" by Wintley Phipps; "I Have Got You Covered" by Aaron Wilburn etc (30 Min)

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I hope you guys are fine today and that the Lord is blessing you in your daily endeavours.  I just wanted to share with you today some 30 minutes of very beautiful Christian Music  from 3ABN tv. 

The artists in the video below include Wintley Phipps singing "No Need To Fear. Wintley Phipps is a musician who has sang before  at least three American presidents, from Bill Clinton to Barack Obama. 
Wintley Phipps with Bill Clinton

Wintley Phipps soulful music has blessed people from all walks of lives. It has blessed the powerful and the not so powerful, the rich and the poor alike. 

Besides Wintley Phipps we also have Vonda Beerman singing "What Sin", Jonathan Meharry singing "Above All",  Aaron Wilburn singing "I've Got You Covered" and Melody Shelton Firestone singing "Jesus Doesn't Care" and  Neville Peter "Let Him In". 

I have no doubt that you will receive God's blessings as you watch and listen to these beautiful songs from some of  our talented Christian musicians. 

I am looking forward to your comments below as you share with others your appreciation of this music. Remember sharing is caring.


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