Christian Hymns - Thinkin' About Home, Does Jesus Care, Higher Ground, etc

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I like beautiful and simple christian music that everyone can easily sing or hum. The video below meets my criteria in all respects. It comprises a selection of some very well known christian hymns and songs that most people already know.

The good thing about this video is that it is a combination of both classic and contemporary hymns. No matter what tastes you have on christian hymns you will find something that touches your heart. I am almost certain that you will enjoy it.

It features Kersti Esselwall-Smars"Praise Him Just the Same", Christian Edition "Higher Ground", John Lomacang "Sometimes It Takes A Storm", Tammy Chance "Thinkin' About Home", Roland Gresham "As the Deer", Mark Trammell "Does Jesus Care"

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I am also interested in your opinions about this video, so please leave a comment before you leave. Thank you.

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