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An Introduction To SDA Sermons

Most of the sermons on this site are SDA sermons drawn from some of the most talented preachers in the Seventh day Adventist Church.

Adventist are from the evangelical branch of the Christian church which includes the Baptists, the Methodists etc. They have drawn their beliefs from the various segments of the evangelicals.

Even their belief that the Sabbath is still Saturday and not Sunday is a belief that they learned from Seventh day Baptists who were worshiping on Saturday before SDAs came on the scene.

You can take any Adventist belief and you will discover that they are not the first to hold that belief. Adventists have learned from the history of the Reformers and others before them to assist them in their study of the Bible.

Adventists are open to new understandings of what the bible says and will evaluate any challenges to their current understanding.

Some Adventist Preachers on this site.

On of the preachers that we have on this is CD Brooks. The late CD Brooks who passed away this year 2016 was one of the most sought after preachers in the SDA church. 

CD Brooks
During more than 40 years ministry he preached on almost all the continents of the world. He led thousands of people to Christ.

He was  the speaker/Director of the Breath of Life Telecast ministries that focused on ministering to African Americans. As a result we have various Breath of Life churches in America.

He preached on various topics such as  Happiness for Husbands and wives, prophecy etc. He was a devoted expositor of the word of God and committed to his church until the end.

He was a preacher known for preaching it straight. He did not beat about the bush but presented the truth as it is in Jesus. 

He did not shy away from warning people if he felt they were heading in the wrong direction. He presented the truth in love but also warned the people the consequences of ignoring the message of the cross.

Another preacher who has preached to literally hundreds of thousands throughout the world through satellite evangelism is Mark Finley. He was the Director of the It is Written Telecast having succeeded the founder, George Vandeman.

Mark Finley
Mark Finley rose to prominence around the world when he preached by satellite to Adventist churches throughout the world during NET 95. NET 95 was the first ever worldwide evangelistic effort by the SDA church.

As a result of NET 95 thousands of people accepted Christ throughout the world. It opened the church to the power of television in spreading the gospel.

Dr Mark Finley has preached so many sermons around the world and some of his sermons are Revelation's End Time Remnant and Urgency of Receiving The Word of God.

Mark Finley later became one of the vice Presidents of the General Conference of Seventh day Adventists. He also later on became the General Conference President's advisor or Assistant on Evangelism.

Walter Pearson Jr. is another Adventist preacher who has blessed thousands in and outside the SDA church. He has received various awards on preaching.

Walter Pearson
He is one of the most eloquent preachers of the word of God and knows how to keep listeners spellbound. He is simply an anointed messenger of God.

He was at one time the speaker/Director of the Breath of Life Telecast until he suffered a stroke. He has recovered but still shows the effects of this ailment. He is now back ministering to God's people.

Some of Elder Walter Pearson sermons include Standing Still In A Storm and The Latter Rain and the Second Coming.

David Asscherick is one of the most intelligent preachers out there. He is the modern Paul with very intelligent insights on the word of God. He is the thinking man's pastor.

David Asscherick
He makes difficult topics such as the doctrine of the trinity and righteousness look easy in the way he explains them. He is one of the most intelligent defenders of the truths of God.

Every time I listen to his sermons I am challenged to look beyond the surface and seek a deeper understanding of the word.

He has led thousands of people to Christ through his evangelistic efforts and bible studies. He has also helped many thousands to a deeper understanding of the gospel.

David Asscherick is the co-founder of ARISE. David currently pastors the Kingscliff Seventh-day Adventist church in Chinderah, New South Wales, Australia.

If you are struggling to believe I would urge you to watch David Asscherick sermons and you will never be disappointed and God will speak to you in a special way.

Another favorite preacher of mine is Dr Dwight Nelson. He is the Senior Pastor of the Pioneer Memorial Church at Andrews University.

Besides being pastor, Dr Dwight Nelson is also professor of homiletics at Andrews University.

He is one preacher who is not afraid to tackle hot potato issues. Some people find it hard that someone could take the positions that he sometimes takes like on ordination,

Dr Dwight Nelson
I however agree with his positions and believes that a church that allows open discussions and debates is better off because of that. I believe that the church should promote open discussions and even challenges to its official beliefs.

Fortunately Dr Dwight Nelson  is a staunch defender of the Adventist message and has ministered to thousands through television, radio and the internet. May God continue to bless this wonderful preacher of His word.

Some of Dr Dwight Nelson sermons include Trinity Under Fire, Truth About Hell and How To Vote As A Christian.

This is all that I had on SDA sermons and It is my hope that you will take your time to taste these sermons with an open mind.

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